On Deck

We take you behind the scenes to witness the making of the World’s Most Powerful Fighfighting Vessel.

ST Engineering’s Heavy Fire Vessel (HFV) for the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is the first SCDF vessel to be designed and developed in Singapore. Often touted in the news as the “World’s Most Powerful Firefighting Vessel”, the heavy-duty fire vessel delivers 360-degree fire-fighting coverage with an unparalleled pump capacity of 14,400 m3/h of seawater.

In a rare interview with SCDF’s Major (MAJ) Alex Chan, who was a Senior Ops Readiness Officer when the HFV was under development, we unlocked his thoughts about working on this cutting-edge vessel together with the team from ST Engineering Marine. “I was involved in the project from the initial stages of the Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews, to the keel laying, vessel launch and finally the commissioning ceremony. You could say I was there from start to finish!

“What impressed me most was the craftsmanship that went into the Red Sailfish. The final design, overall furnishing and appearance are very impressive and outstanding. I thought there was great camaraderie between our teams, and I really enjoyed working with many from ST Engineering Marine who were driven and passionate about their work. ST Engineering Marine is definitely a good shipyard, with a strong team you can count on to see you through the journey towards the final delivery of your vessel!” revealed MAJ Chan.

ICYMI: We bring you some photo highlights taken over the course of the vessel’s development. You may also re-live the HFV’s development journey through this short video

Model Test.
Preliminary Design Review.
Critical Design Review.
Bridge Mock-Up Review.
Plate-Cutting Ceremony.
Keel-Laying Ceremony.
Pre-Outfitted Engine Room Deck.
Joining of Hull Blocks and Erection of Engine Room Deck.
Joining of Hull Blocks and Erection of Superstructure Block.
Launch of Red Sailfish.
The Commissioning of Red Sailfish.