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From the renewal of steel structures and the overhaul of engines to the lengthening of vessels, ONWARD traces the notable achievements in ST Engineering’s repair and overhaul solutions for dredgers in the marine sector.

It all began in 1995 with the Pearl River. The trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) belonging to Dredging International Asia Pacific (an operating company under Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering NV (DEME)) had been sent to Tuas Yard for emergency repairs due to grounding damage. The vessel was promptly dry-docked for her repair work. The mission entailed close to 50 tonnes of steel renewal at various locations including the port and starboard mud tray, forward and aft bulkhead. Extensive pipe works were also carried out, along with restoration of the propulsion gearbox, thruster, pumps and motors.

The Pearl River experience equipped ST Engineering with the confidence to venture further into the market for dredger repairs. Opportunities availed, with growing demands from local authorities such as the Housing and Development Board, JTC Corporation, and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, for land reclamation efforts as well as the expansion of Changi Airport.

With the lengthening contract for HAM 310, a TSHD that used to be owned by Hollandsche Aanneming Maatschappij before its merger with Van Oord in 2003, decades of experience in shipbuilding and engineering were brought to the fore. Beyond major modifications to the vessel’s piping systems, motors and self-emptying channels, the brief was to increase the vessel’s carrying capacity by 52%. To deliver the outcome, the vessel had to be lengthened by 29.2m to 167.4m. New sections of the dredger had to be designed and pre-fabricated in blocks. When the vessel was completed in the year 2000, ST Engineering had become the first shipyard to successfully lengthen a dredger!

The rapport between Van Oord and ST Engineering forged during that period further strengthened ST Engineering’s position as Van Oord’s partner of choice in ship repair. Tuas Yard has since become Van Oord’s go-to repair yard, where their vessels are frequently sighted. Mr Wouter Van Hoff, the Superintendent of Van Oord commented that ST Engineering has demonstrated full support with determination in on-time delivery, every time, and that he “enjoyed working with everyone in ST Engineering, from the workers to its senior management”. 

In 2006, the reinstatement of Phoenix (formerly known as Oranje), the Boskalis Westminster Shipping B.V. (Boskalis)-owned sunken cutter suction dredger, was another defining achievement. Works included the installation of a new engine room complete with pipings, auxiliaries, equipment and new engines; as well as structural renewal involving the construction of accommodation cabins and air-conditioning systems according to the new layout. The successful redelivery of Phoenix paved the way to a second reinstatement contract with Boskalis in 2013, for the sunken trailing dredger Fairway.

Phoenix undergoing repair at Tuas Yard.
Fairway berthed at Tuas Yard for her repair work.

To date, the marine arm of ST Engineering has successfully repaired more than 200 dredgers for established players in the dredging market such as Boskalis, Van Oord, DEME, Jan De Neul Group and Penta-Ocean Construction Co. Ltd. On average, Tuas Yard repairs more than 12 dredgers per year.

These experiences have enabled ST Engineering to earn its distinction of being a specialist for dredger upgrades, and a premier shipyard for sophisticated and high value-added repairs.

Did You Know?

Singapore has expanded from 581.5 sq.km in 1960 to 721.5 sq.km in 2017 and ST Engineering has been supporting the land reclamation effort through its capabilities in dredger repairs. Customers have attested to our technical capabilities for the repair of various dredgers, from cutters and hoppers, to backhoes and buckets. As a medium-sized yard with deep experience in shipbuilding and repair, ST Engineering is able to offer competent service at faster turnaround times!