On Deck

ONWARD goes behind the scenes with Marine’s Project Engineer Terry Heng to understand what it takes to design and build a floating power plant.

The Marine sector’s involvement in a recent contract awarded by Seaboard Corporation subsidiary, Transcontinental Capital Corporation (Bermuda) Ltd., has re-affirmed its strengths in the design and construction of complex, cutting-edge vessels.

As a key contributor to the Siemens-ST Engineering consortium responsible for the SCC-800 2x1C SeaFloat barge-mounted power plant known as the Estrella Del Mar III, the Marine sector will be in charge of the engineering designs, procurement and construction of the barge, the balance of plant and the installation of the floating power plant, while Siemens will provide its 145-megawatt combined cycle power plant and hybrid SIESTART solution under a turnkey plug and play concept.

Upon completion in Singapore in 3Q 2020, the floating power plant will be transported to its final destination in the Dominican Republic where hot commissioning of the power generation facility will be undertaken before final delivery to the customer.

The plate-cutting for Estrella Del Mar III was held on 28 March 2019.

According to Terry Heng, Marine’s Project Engineer for this large-scale undertaking, floating power plants are a more cost-effective answer to increased power demand compared to similar land-based solutions. “Floating power plants provide fast electricity supply to areas with limited infrastructure. As mobile assets, they can be easily traded or relocated, while providing secure power supply, even during earthquakes or floods,” he explained.

Needless to say, the Marine sector has assembled a team of highly skilled designers, production engineers and project managers to ensure the swift execution of work. “From hull design, electrical and piping systems, to mechanical engineering, safety, automation, painting, welding, purchasing and more… we’re like the Avengers working on a colossal mission!” he added with a smile.

And it is no wonder too, that Terry’s team has much to look forward to – for the floating power plant, when completed, will be one of the world’s first to be incorporated with a high-powered gas turbine.

“Given the complexity of the process and high voltage systems, we are taking every precaution to ensure that all operations are meticulously planned and carried out. Mitigations include engaging consultants, endless hours of review and detailed studies of the systems that would become part of the floating system,” Terry elaborated.

With the Marine sector’s experienced and driven team, the customer can expect no less than the best quality in terms of engineering designs, manufacturing and complete solutions.

“As project engineer, my biggest challenge is to ensure that my team remains motivated by our goal of achieving design excellence, as well as managing the expectations of our consortium partner and customer. What I hope to achieve at the end of the project, is to have a satisfied customer and consortium partner who will remember the team and the efforts put into delivering this impressive project,” Terry added.