By Michael Bell, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development – Shipbuilding

New hull design, unmanned technologies and ST Engineering Marine’s strong track record and capabilities have opened doors to new opportunities in shipbuilding and design.

Riding on our proven track record of more than five decades in shipbuilding, coupled with high technical competency and build capability, ST Engineering Marine is able to address market demands by introducing innovation solutions for various industries and segments.

These shipbuilding and design capabilities have led to a series of hallmark programmes, including Super Swift interceptors, Swift Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), the world’s first Fi-Fi III class firefighting vessel and best-in-class offshore vessels.

Super Swift

Unveiled at the recent IMDEX Asia 2019, the Super Swift series of fast patrol boats with their advanced hull designs, including stepped and optimised Air Cavity Hulls (ACH), are able to achieve high speed without compromising stability, manoeuvrability and seakeeping. The interceptors, propelled either by waterjets or surface-piercing propellers, are capable of reaching over 60 knots. They can be equipped with a small calibre forward gun, remote weapon system and explosive ordnance disposal system for target identification and engagement, and light machine guns for all-round defence. The Super Swift interceptors are designed for a variety of high-speed missions, including pursuit and arrest, search and rescue, offshore patrolling and escort, surveillance and covert surveillance, border patrol and total coastal protection.

The Super Swift series of fast patrol boats features vessels from 18 m to 35 m.



With the maritime industry gearing towards developing the next generation of smart autonomous technology that promises to improve ship performance, operational efficiency, navigation safety and cost effectiveness, we have developed the Swift USV to address this emerging market demand for both the defence and commercial segments.

The Swift USV series for the commercial segment for the various functions.
For the defence segment, we have the Long Endurance USV and Swift USV 18.


Speciality Vessels

The Heavy Fire Vessel (HFV) is the first Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) vessel designed, developed and built in Singapore. It is also the world’s first dedicated firefighting vessel classed to Fi-Fi III with dynamic positioning by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), thus confirming its outstanding firefighting capacity. In fact, with a total pumping capacity of 14,400 m3/h fed by 12 water/foam monitors with a combined capacity of 16,200 m3/hr, HFV’s firefighting capability has exceeded ABS classification.

Several breakthrough innovations have been incorporated into the vessel’s design from the onset. Computational fluid dynamics was used to determine the optimal hull form and ship appendages, including the stern wedge, duck tail and bow, which reduced drag and water resistance. This translates to better fuel efficiency, higher speed, greater manoeuvrability and improved seakeeping. The result was a highly versatile vessel optimally designed to operate in a variety of firefighting missions and operational scenarios.

Offshore Vessels

Over the years, we have extended our deep knowledge and experiences in building advanced naval vessels for the military to other customers. More importantly, this approach has cultivated in our engineering team an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset that is crucial in navigating uncharted waters ahead.

One such area is in the renewable segment. We are collaborating with leading ship designers to develop a series of reliable offshore support vessels that can meet a broad range of sea states. Our penetration into these markets is gaining ground, with major clients indicating interest in our best-in-class vessel at international shows and events.

We will continue to pursue new opportunities especially in emerging markets as we chart towards becoming a shipbuilder-of-choice among international ship owners and operators.

ST Engineering Marine’s Crew Transfer Vessels and Fast Crew Boats, with their market-leading capabilities operating in challenging conditions, provide safe passage for offshore operators.