VT Halter Marine has been contracted to construct a new Articulated Tug Barge (ATB), M/V Evening Breeze, the sister vessel to ATBs M/V Denise A. Bouchard and M/V Evening Star. M/V Evening Breeze will be able to meet the U.S. EPA-Tier four requirements, measuring at 112ft by 35ft by 17ft, and equipped with an Intercon Coupler System.

Mr Robert Socha (Senior Vice President – Business Development, VT Halter Marine) mentioned that they are pleased to be given the opportunity to build another quality vessel for Bouchard Transportation. Both companies have repeatedly teamed on projects since the 1970’s, and VT Halter Marine is excited to continue this relationship through the building of the ATB Tug at its Pascagoula, Mississippi facility.

Mr Morton S. Bouchard III (President and CEO, Bouchard Transportation) also said in his announcement that he is excited and proud to share the news of these new builds and he looks forward to further its growth by adding another state-of-the-art ATB unit to the fleet.

These vessels include the newest modifications to the Intercon and pin systems, as well as the most technologically advanced equipment in various spaces that are designed to reduce total emissions, thus ensuring a more eco-friendly fleet.

M/V Evening Star, the sister vessel to M/V Evening Breeze with Barge No. 250 (Source: https://www.bouchardtransport.com/announcements/new-construction-of-atb-unit-m-v-evening-breeze-amp-b-no-252)