ST Marine celebrated the long term dedication, commitment and service of 154 employees at its annual Long Service Award ceremony held on 28 November 2017. Together, these employees have given 1,835 years of service to the company.

Kick-starting the ceremony, Mr Ng Sing Chan (President, ST Marine) gave an opening speech highlighting the achievements of ST Marine’s dedicated workforce and shared the Group’s involvement in various projects at the corporate level, such as Project Columbus and Project Delta. Mr Bryan Ee (Vice President, HR) further elaborated on Mr Ng’s speech by sharing more about the People Strategy that the Group is committed to embark on. Mr Twoon Kok Yam (SVP, Benoi Yard), Mr Chandrasehgaran Seetharaman (SVP, Tuas Yard), various managers and department heads also attended the ceremony in support of the fellow award recipients. Mr Tan Kim Hock (VP, SSG1 – Operations) and Mr Tan Ching Eng (SVP, EDC2 II) were also invited to present the five year and 10 year awards respectively. Awards were categorised by 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service, with the issuance of vouchers and plaque to all recipients.

ST Marine is indeed grateful and proud of all its long serving colleagues who had achieved such significant milestones in their service. We congratulate and commend them, knowing that they will continue to be our bastion of invaluable experience and trusted source of knowledge retention within our company.

“5 years is not a long time but this is just the beginning. Having good colleagues who work side by side with you is the key to success.

The Al-Ofouq programme was the highlight of my 5 years with ST Marine and I believe that working towards something which I am passionate about, Weapons System in my case, gives me the constant drive to carry on.”

A recipient of the 5 year award
Mr Lim Kar Leong, Marko
(Senior Engineer, EDC II – Weapons & Electronics, System Integration)

“ST Marine provides a supportive working environment and the opportunity for career development.

The sense of achievement I felt from winning a Star Award at the ST Engineering Team Excellence Convention 2014 when I was a co-leader of the Facilities Kaizen team will be deeply etched in my memory.”

A recipient of the 10 year award
Mr K Ramesh A/L Krishnamoorthy
(Senior Assistant Engineer, Benoi Yard – Facilities)

“The reason for staying in ST Marine for such a long time is because I am working at a job which I am interested in.

Besides, ST Marine enabled me to obtain a degree in workplace safety, health and environment as well as provided me with many good opportunities in working with different work forces, picking up lots of good experiences that has benefitted me in my daily work. Being promoted to an Assistant Manager in 2013 gave me a sense of satisfaction as I felt the recognition by the company for my efforts all these years.”

A recipient of the 15 year award
Mr Toh Kok Chen
(Assistant Manager, EHS3)

“20 years simply passed in the blink of an eye. I am fortunate to have good working colleagues who allows me to perform my role and work more efficiently.”

A recipient of the 20 year award
Ms Chong Yoke Poh
(Assistant Executive, HR)

 “People” are the assets of the company, and they make a difference. Be it working with bosses, peers, subordinates or customers, the key word is ‘understand’ and ‘understanding’. We have to ‘understand them’ and ‘be understanding’ to them as well.

Through my years of working in ST Marine, I always derive a sense of satisfaction when a project is delivered successfully to a group of happy customers. I hope that in the near future, I will be able to hone and build up my skills as well as nurture people.”

A recipient of the 25 year award
Mr Phua Siang Ling
(Vice President, Directorate – Projects)

“For someone who joined ST Marine with only an ‘O’ level certification, ST Marine has enabled me to upgrade myself through training courses and the learning journey motivated me to stay in this company for a long time.

No amount of words can describe the satisfaction I derived from delivering every single vessels all these years. I have been mentoring young supervisors in my department to be more skilful at their work and I would also like to share my knowledge and experiences with the upcoming supervisors.”

A recipient of the 30 year award
Mr Rasu Thevar Ravichandran
(Assistant Department Head, Benoi Yard – Painting)

“I feel proud working in ST Marine. Having a good working relationship and communication with my colleagues and supervisors makes me happy coming to work daily.

For the past 35 years, I feel delighted and proud each time I contribute to the completion of a vessel, especially those built for the Republic of Singapore Navy, because they are vessels built and constructed in Singapore.”

A recipient of the 35 year award
Mr Ng Bak Hwa
(Machinist, Benoi Yard – Mechanical)

“I am confident in completing all tasks assigned to me, regardless of engine types. I derived a sense of gratification when tasks, no matter how difficult they may be, are completed and delivered to happy customers, which in return, bring about a good reputation for ST Marine. The more memorable incidents through my years here were the times when I received complimentary letters from DMS Maritime Pty Limited and the Republic of Singapore Navy. Receiving these letters reassured me that my efforts and skills to rectify engine issues were being recognised. In addition, I feel elated when the trust and confidence owners have in ST Marine is enhanced because I managed to solve their problems when many others could not do it.  

I feel really happy working in ST Marine and have not regretted joining the company 12 years ago. Even though I may have retired, as long as the company needs me and I am fit enough, I will continue to contribute my service and share my knowledge with the younger generation.”

A recipient of the Retiree Award
Mr Ooi Seng Giam
(Assistant Supervisor, Engine Service Centre)


1SSG stands for Submarine Support Group
2EDC stands for Engineering and Design Centres
3EHS stands for Environmental, Health and Safety