April 2016

Igniting the New NERVA+

Since 2006, ST Marine has started designing and developing its own in-house NERVA+ Ship Control, Monitoring and Management System (SCMMS), leveraging on the knowledge gained through installation and commissioning of such systems on the many platforms that was built. The ability to offer SCMMS complements ST Marine’s ability in providing turnkey solutions to customers. The NERVA+ has been successfully developed and deployed on some platforms as well as retrofit projects.

In early 2016, ST Marine completed the improvised 2016 NERVA+, revamped with new improvement in features.

Figure 1. The improvised 2016 NERVA+ architecture

Open Architecture
Keeping its open architecture, use of commercial off-the-shelf equipment and redundant network design, the new NERVA+ now includes hot-standby server configuration, allowing the NERVA+ to operate in full functionality as long as one server is in operation. NERVA+ also deploys dual hard disks in data storage with data mirroring, to ensure critical data remains intact in the event one of the hard disks fail.

Modular Functionality
The improvised 2016 NERVA+ adopts a modular functionality design, comprising of clusters connected in a network layer. Each cluster is built based on remote Input/Output (I/O) units in a daisy chain loop. A failure in one remote I/O unit will not affect the other remote I/O units in the same cluster. Similarly, with such a distributed architecture of clusters, failure in one cluster will not affect the remaining NERVA+ functionality. NERVA+ scales well throughout different layers of its architecture and additional clusters and workstation can be added to the network easily.

Remote Monitoring
The new NERVA+ is also capable of sending email notifications automatically through the ship’s Satellite Communication (SATCOM) to inform onshore monitoring stations/personnel of any critical alarms or situations. NERVA+ is able to categorise the alarms in terms of priority, system or even customer’s requirement, and then send out alarm email notification to targeted groups of recipients. To make NERVA+ more user friendly, it is able to combine multiple alarms to produce a message to be sent out. The messages can even be constructed according to customer’s needs!

Figure 2. The improvised 2016 NERVA+ architecture

Nerva+ on-the-move
Another exciting feature of the new NERVA+ is its mobile version which allows monitoring of the shipboard systems through mobile devices such as tablets and even mobile phones. To ensure data security, NERVA+ can be equipped with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, and it is possible to configure log-in credentials for mobile users. As long as the mobile devices are able to connect to the NERVA+ Control Network through WIFI, users are able to have access to NERVA+ from any parts of the vessel!

Figure 3. The improvised 2016 NERVA+ on workstation and its mobile version

The improved NERVA+ has enabled ST Marine to offer better functionality and greater value to customers for implementation onboard medium-to-large scale platforms. With the in-house development team,
ST Marine is able to provide customised solution to meet customers’ needs and provide through life support and upgrade for the company's SCMMS.


Igniting the New NERVA+

Igniting the New NERVA+

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