In our bid to offer a more comprehensive suite of offshore and marine services to a wider pool of customers, in 2017, we acquired rig repair assets in a prime location in the Gulf of Mexico through VT Marine in the U.S..  Two years on, we have renamed the subsidiary as ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore, Inc., which has over 80 employees today, and serving more than 20 customers globally. Tapping into our strong relationships with various drillers and operators such as Rowan, Helix, Enterprise and Diamond Offshore, we are committed to providing excellent shipyard services and support to the offshore industry.

We celebrated a recent accomplishment around the time of the name change with the completion of a major upgrade on Ocean Blackhawk, an ultra-deepwater drillship that is capable of drilling up to 40,000 ft depth. The owner, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc, is a leader in offshore drilling who operates a total fleet of 16 offshore drilling rigs around the world.

The upgrade work required a NOV 215 mt crown mounted compensator (CMC) to be assembled on site and lifted onto the top of the vessel’s derrick for installation. To support the upgrade, shipyard cranes removed existing A frame from atop the derrick and supported the NOV with all the modifications required to suit the new CMC. A crawler crane of over 1,000 ton lifting capacity was delivered in loose parts and assembled in the yard for the lifting operation.

In addition to the CMC installation, the team also carried out a multitude of other works such as the removal and reinstallation of underwater thrusters for overhaul and replacement.  The team fabricated and installed various platforms for new equipment to be mounted. Existing pipe systems such as fire main and ballast systems were modified.  Internal tanks were cleaned and recoated within a tight schedule and the exterior hull above waterline was also repainted on Ocean Blackhawk.

“Two years on after acquiring this facility, we are heartened to see an increase in yard activities, involving reactivation and upgrading of drilling rigs. We will seek to build on the momentum,” said Lim Nian Hua, President and CEO, ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore, Inc. With reference to the successful upgrading works performed on Ocean Blackhawk, he added, “We take great pride in providing the facility with engineering and skilled professionals to complete a project of this scale with no safety incident.  We would like to thank the team members, including the crew of the Ocean Blackhawk, who have worked closely together to make this upgrade a success.”

Ocean Blackhawk undergoing repair work.