Re-delivery Of MT Aiden II Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way businesses now operate. Businesses all over the world have to deal with supply chain disruption, reduced customer demand, and workforce disruption arising from travel restrictions and other social distancing measures.

ST Engineering’s Marine arm has to deal with the situation of a much-reduced workforce in mid-April as almost all the workers were being “isolated” or “locked down” in their respective dormitories.  Worksites were also closed as part of the Singapore Government measures in reducing the spread of the virus.

Despite all the challenges faced in the industry, ST Engineering has redelivered MT Aiden II to her owner, Superin Chemical (S) Private Limited, on time and without any lost-time injury. The HVAC system was renewed as the expensive cost of repair and acquiring obsolete parts made it more cost-effective to replace the system. The system renewal was meticulously planned by a determined Marine project team who worked round-the-clock to minimise disruptions for the owner and the crew who live onboard the vessel during the replacement.  

MT Aiden II is an 18-year-old, 89m oil/chemical product tanker with a tank capacity of 3,500m3. She is the newest addition to a growing fleet of tankers owned by Superin Chemical, a loyal customer of ST Engineering. Superin Chemical’s principal business activity is in the provision of ship management services and the transportation of chemical products between Malaysia and Indonesia.

The vessel arrived in ST Engineering’s Benoi yard for her intermediate docking in March 2020, at a time when the COVID-19 infection was becoming more apparent. Work undertaken in the yard included the removal and re-installation of propeller and rudder, washing and painting of the hulls and the cargo tanks, renewal of pipes in the engine room, steel renewals for the stainless steel cargo tanks, and the HVAC  system, which have to be completed within 20 days for the owner to fulfill her charter obligations.

Ab Nasir, Technical Superintendent from Superin Chemical complimented the project team: “The project team has been very professional in their work. We have always trusted ST Engineering to do a good job on our vessels and to complete the repairs on time and every time!”

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