Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat For Seven Eagle

Another fulfilling and incident-free project was delivered to Subsea 7. Subsea 7 is a global leader in the delivery of offshore projects and services for the evolving energy industry and the marine team in ST Engineering has been working closely with them for the past 10 years for dry-docking, maintenance repair, and modification works.

Seven Eagle is a construction, flex-lay, and diving vessel for field development and construction activities. This vessel, 138m long with a gross tonnage of 9,556t arrived in ST Engineering’s Tuas yard in Singapore on 14 January 2020 for the installation of the Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL).

The SPHL was transferred from sister vessel, Seven Osprey, onto Seven Eagle. Due to the differences between the two vessels in terms of weight, geometry, and the manway entry location of the SPHL, several modifications were required. These included modifications of the hull to make way for the longer SPHL, deck stiffening for the foundations, and re-running of hydraulic pipes and electrical cables.

Seven Eagle, classed by DNVGL, has an integrated saturation dive system which can be deployed through two moon pools with a depth rating of 230m. The SPHL modification was a critical modification for Subsea 7 to replace an obsolete 16-man SPHL with a modern boat conforming to the latest industry standards.

Hyperbaric rescue of divers in saturation is a mandatory requirement for diving operations. In the event of any incident that endangers the vessel, the ship crew will abandon the ship by conventional lifeboats while the divers will be extracted and rescued with the use of SPHL that helps to keep them in hyperbaric condition.

Throughout the project lifecycle, the team faced many difficult challenges but was able to overcome them. The experience was invaluable and the results were rewarding.  Together with the ship crew, the Vessel Superintendent, Mr Michael Campbell and the team led by Senior Ship Repair Manager, Mr Bathy were elated for the success of Seven Eagle’s docking, repair and modification works.

“We are delighted with this project. ST Engineering has been a ship repair partner for Subsea 7 for many years, we were pleased to award this vital upgrade contract to that yard.  The scope of work was challenging, the alignment of the SPHL trunk was identified early on the most critical activity.  The LARS upgrade was equally challenging, each 8-Te winch had to be expertly chain blocked into a tight area and the guide winches fitted into an impossibly tight area.  It was impressive to see the daily progress and observe the skilled yard tradesmen safely at work supervised by a great team, all under the leadership of SRM Bathy.  Safety is paramount, we had no incidents in 58 days.  ST Engineering really cares about their customers, nothing seems to be too much trouble and I look forward to working with this great team again.” Michael Campbell added.

The project team from ST Engineering and Subsea 7 onboard Seven Eagle
Token of appreciation presented by senior officer and Mr Michael Campbell from Subsea Seven to the project team in ST Engineering