Making A Splash At Singapore Airshow

Marine’s latest seaward defence capabilities were part of ST Engineering’s integrated defence solutions that were showcased at the Singapore Airshow, held from 11-16 February 2020. Highlighting what it takes to win digital battles, our displays were focused on flexibility and survivability – with innovations ranging from smart vessel designs and autonomous solutions, to coastal and naval defence solutions that bring enhanced security and operational efficiencies to our waters.

Said Mr Bernard Yeo, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Defence Export, ST Engineering Marine “Despite the reported reduction in visitor turn-out, I was pleasantly surprised by the strong show of support from our valued business partners, along with many trade visitors and military delegations at our booth. Thanks to all our customers, visitors and staff for making our presence at the Singapore Airshow 2020 a huge success.

The Marine capabilities and solutions on display at the booth included:

Vanguard 130 Multi-Role Combat Vessel (MRCV)

For ship operators looking for enhanced cost efficiencies and flexible ship deployment, the Vanguard 130 MRCV, which is a part of a series of multi-class multi-modal capabilities with onedesign, is highly scalable and allows operators to exercise more flexibility in the ship’s deployment, including space for carrying of unmanned vehicles for warfare or other operations. 

The Super Swift Fast Patrol Boats

The Super Swift series of patrol boats is a range of ultra-high speed patrol boats designed for interdiction, interception and patrolling.  Customised for military and law enforcement applications, each boat features an Air Cavity Hull that enables the craft to reach high speeds of up to 70 knots, alongside significant improvements in ride and crew comfort.

Heavy Fire Vessel (HFV)

Our HFV is the world’s first firefighting vessel with a Dynamic Positioning System to be classified to Fi-Fi III by the American Bureau of Shipping. The highly versatile vesselhas an unparalleled pumping capacity of 14,400 m3/h, and boasts 12 water/foam monitors with a combined capacity of 16,200 m3/h, exceeding ABS classification requirements.

Swift Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) 

The Swift USV, with its advanced Air Cavity Hull design, is capable of achieving high speeds without compromising stability, manoeuvrability and seakeeping. It is designed for various mission such as maritime surveillance and force protection, precision fire, harbour patrol and security, high value assets escort and CBRN detection & identification.

Long Endurance USV 

The Long Endurance USV is a lightweight craft designed with high speed and endurance capabilities. Offering enhanced operability and survivability at high sea state,the Long Endurance USV is ideal for anti-submarine warfare, maritime patrol and surveillance.

Smart Maritime Autonomous Vessel 

The Smart Maritime Autonomous Vessel is an existing vessel currently being retrofitted as an autonomous vessel with STEML’s NERVA Ship Management System and Sensemaking System (SMS2). This enables real-time, centralised control and monitoring of the shipboard systems, and grants vessel operators the much-needed visibility and confidence while out in the ocean.