Working Wonders With MV Wunma

The MV Wunma is a 5,140 DWT self-loading/unloading bulk carrier that discharges its cargo through a material handling plant comprising six conveyors and a gantry fitted with a bucketwheel. The 113m vessel, built in 1999, was docked at ST Engineering’s Tuas Yard from 31 August to 6 November 2019 as part of its five-yearly maintenance and refurbishment schedule.  Although the refurbishment programme was originally scheduled for 71 days, the work had to be completed in 68 days due to the vessel’s cargo commitments. 

It was a tall order, given the scale and scope of works involved. Some 53 tonnes of steel were used in the renewal of various tanks, accommodation, decks, void space and compartments on board the bulk carrier. All exposed surface areas, including the external hull, cargo hold, deck walkways, void spaces, service tunnels, water tank and accommodation decks, had to be restored and given a new protective coating. Approximately 7,500 sqm (nearly 1.5 football fields!) of surfaces were dry-blasted and treated, while 2,500 sqm were wet-blasted and repaired.

The propulsion system was overhauled with three new propeller shafts, a bow thruster, a jet thruster and two rudders. Fixtures on deck such as the docking hook, winches and windlasses were serviced, while 320 m of vent pipes for the ballast tanks and other systems were replaced. Two of the conveyors, each weighing about 25 tonnes, had to be detached and reinstalled to facilitate refurbishment works in the yard.

Scaffolding had to be erected around the 80m x 20 m cargo hold as the portal frames were blasted and coated with special paint, and new purlins were installed. Throughout this duration, the vessel was carefully fitted with a canopy to prevent dust pollution from the cargo hold.

The refurbished vessel was redelivered to Mr Owen Barry, Group Drydock & Repair Manager of Investment Co Pte Ltd, to much delight. “Jagan and his team have provided us with an exceptional docking service, delivered ahead of schedule and on budget, while maintaining extremely high safety and quality standards. The experience has been all-round positive and I commend the ST Engineering team for their responsiveness to customer requests and for being such a supportive partner,” he added.