Enterprise 205: Redelivered To Order

ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore has successfully completed a major conversion of the Enterprise 205 matted jack-up rig. The rig operator requires the jack-up to move closer to existing well structures for better drilling efficiency, but the originally designed underwater mat fingers prevented optimal positioning. Our team was tasked with the removal of the existing mat fingers, each weighing over 100 tonnes. ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore fabricated the Zentech-designed mat insert module, along with bulkhead assemblies, to custom fit and weld of the finger removal to complete the new mat arrangement. The jack-up was dry-docked on a submersible barge for these modifications.

In conjunction with the mat truncation, steel was replaced along the mat structure to suit Class inspections. Significant steel replacement was performed along the substructure, drill floor structure, vessel hull and in tanks around the rig within a tight timeline. During this period, the entire hull, greater than 27,000 square feet, was hydro-blasted and fully coated. More than 7,000 square feet of living quarters structure was also hydro-blasted and painted. Careful planning and coordination was required to carry out both the steel replacements and painting at the same time.

To increase deck space for service company equipment, two new removable cantilever decks were fabricated and installed on the aft jack houses. They were designed to be removed when not in use.

ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore was able to provide the facility, engineering and skilled professionals necessary to complete the entirety of this major conversion in house. ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore is ST Engineering’s rig repair facility in Pascagoula, US. Acquired in 2017, it employs over 80 staff and serves more than 20 customers globally.

“The exemplary teamwork and commitment demonstrated by members of ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore and Enterprise Offshore Drilling (EOD) have been instrumental to the success of the project.”

Mr Eric Veillux
Senior Project Manager
ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore, Inc