Modernised For Efficiency

VT Halter Marine has successfully delivered the Virginia Department of Transportation’s newest ferry, Powhatan, on 23 August 2019.

This 70-vehicle ferry can carry up to 500 passengers, adding more capacity and travel time reliability for ferry passengers on both sides of Virginia’s James River. Measuring 270 by 65 by 15 feet, the Powhatan can alternatively accommodate 14 trucks/buses.

“We are proud to deliver the Powhatan to the Virginia Department of Transportation,” said Mr Ron Baczkowski, President and CEO of VT Halter Marine. “This ferry is a modern and sleek vessel, capable of operating at 13 knots. Passengers will immediately notice an improvement to their journey.”

The ferry is operated by the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry Service at Scotland Wharf in Surry County, VA. The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry System currently operates four ferry boats, including the Pocahontas, which was also designed and constructed by VT Halter Marine and delivered in 1995. The Powhatan replaces the Virginia, which was built in 1936.

The Jamestown-Scotland ferry fleet is comprised of four vessels: the Pocahontas, with a capacity of 70 cars; the Surry, with a capacity of 50 cars; the Williamsburg, with a capacity of 50 cars and now the Powhatan, with a capacity of 70 cars.

Crew of Powhatan on board the vessel.