Kreuz Installer


ST Marine was awarded the major dry-docking and repair work for diving support vessel, Kreuz Installer by Kreuz Subsea on 4 September 2017. The repair work lasted a total of 67 days including 14 days in dock.

Major repair work for the vessel includes steel and numerous outfitting renewals weighing about 45 tons scattered all over the ships as well as in way of water ballast tanks, renewals of engine room pipes, deck crane wire, pipe and wooden fender onboard, overhauling of thrusters, DC generators and 28 motors, load testing, diving support assistance to specialist.

The main challenge for this project is the overhauling of thrusters consisting of three azimuth thrusters, two non retractable thrusters and two tunnel thrusters. The repair work were safely coordinated and completed within the planned 14 days docking schedule including external hull blasting and painting works.

In addition, when the project was ending, the owner requested for an ad-hoc renewal of 20 tons of steel and hydro jetting work in way of double bottom tanks with area of approx. 2500m². ST Marine deployed additional resources to cope with the tight timeline given and eventually completed the work ahead of schedule.

As a first time customer to ST Marine, Kreuz Subsea was impressed that the vessel was successfully redelivered on 9 November 2017. This was attributed to the excellent teamwork exhibited between the project teams from ST Marine and Kruez Subsea, who completed the project safely with zero time loss. The customer expressed a big thank you to the ST Marine project team for their professionalism shown through this safe repair as there were hundreds of hotwork locations spread out all over the vessel. Customer also commended on the good response received and the planning conducted in managing such challenging repair work on schedule.

ST Marine looks forward to partnering with Kreuz Subsea in future.

Kreuz Installer docking at ST Marine’s Tuas Yard for repair work